Why choose Scott?

The coronavirus outbreak of 2020-2021 will be a game changer for decades to come. And included with that - so much hit and miss messaging. It’s finally time for…


You want a producer with a background in journalism so you have a veteran of many media forms ready to use them all to further your message and show why your services or products are a bridge to the future. And someone not afraid to research and ask questions to get to the best parts of your message.

You want someone with sales know how that brings you writing and producing to convince someone else to pursue what your company or outlet has to offer.

You want a person with experience in education who’s been in the classroom leading students and using online instruction to effectively teach and learn beyond just a lesson plan. And not just for schools but for adults and any group seeking to instruct for the future. 

Especially for schools, you want an individual with the passion to get students connected with their schools to increase their learning and school spirit and make a place that people WANT to go to, not just a place they HAVE to go to – kids AND adults.

If this is what you’re looking for, I’d love to find out what you do. Let’s see if we can work together…