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I have four decades of experience in journalism and over 20 years of direct sales experience with the production of:

Email campaigns – still the best way to communicate, a series of messages to promote your service

Newsletters, either print or e-newsletters – more longform and informational


Blog writing, conversational – talk to people in language they can understand

Content marketing - a steady stream of informational material to gradually sell to your target group


Sales letters, short or long – formal or conversational, make your letter or landing page the hook for your new customer


White papers and case studies – very formal presentations about your products or services


Video and audio scripts and productions – compelling material for a multimedia world, including VSLs


Podcasting and video broadcasting – using today’s hot media engines to convince your audience


Public speaking and commercial voiceover - need a professional voice? Have that too!

Teaching, online and otherwise - someone used to leading students with an easy conversational style


Both B2B and B2C, to company/organization representatives and to consumers. Let’s tell YOUR story and talk about YOUR needs…

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