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AWAI Puptastic Naturals Dog Treats sales letter and email

Email Contest Winner from Email legend Nick Usborne

AWAI contest, spring 2020

Blog writing example - 

"Conversational Christian"

The Yearbooking Report podcast series on Podbean

Writing, host, produce

The Yearbooking Report video series on YouTube

Writing, host, produce, search for 

"yearbooking" for entire series

May 2020 PodcastArtist Name
00:00 / 50:59

Instructional videos

Writing, host, produce

I've been producing for years,

this example from 2012

Online teaching

But not just reading a Powerpoint on screen, instead involving the class with activities and insights

Online interviewing
Back to my active journalism days, creating interviews for use with my current online teaching

Audio voiceover work
From a blog post written by me May 2021, used as an audio resume example for services

Independent video production
Writing, shoot, produce, host if needed

Scott Geesey audio and writing example
00:00 / 12:05
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