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About Scott


Media surrounds us these days, and in some ways it’s always been like that. It has been for me. But now the world is different...

Two key words combine all of my four decades of work experience. One is journalism, the other is storytelling. One word is formal, the other casual, but those words actually describe the same goal – inform and entertain the reader, the listener, the viewer – and use that promotion to strengthen and grow your business. The ultimate connection is one-to-one communication, walking in someone else’s shoes and speaking their language if it’s a kid, parent, supporter, business owner or CEO.

Since high school I’ve loved telling stories, first in print and on the radio in college, then afterward in television and back to radio later. All subjects, news and sports, thousands of interviews, lots of writing and producing, thousands of stories.

I'm thrilled to be part of a new media outlet in State College, PA. 98.7 FM The Fox is a bit different - a sports talk radio station with an all topics morning program. I'm the all topics guy, radio now but other media elements coming soon.

For 25 years I’ve also been a sales and service representative for the nation’s leading school yearbook company, what I call “yearbooking” which is storytelling for schools.

What I've learned in that time is that I enjoy teaching and leading groups, both in the classroom and online. With so much learning now on the Net I created my own online teaching and presenting series that was effective for participating schools.


Yeah, I like to have fun as well, like hiking or running through the beautiful hills surrounding my home in central Pennsylvania. I’m not the greatest athlete but I enjoy soccer, golf and bowling – and commentating on many of the other sports, what I used to do professionally back in the day.

And along with my yearbooking work I’ve enjoyed volunteering with other school media groups like newspaper and broadcast. It’s fun to see the kids respond to my experience.

THIS is what I bring to the table for my valued partners. And there’s another key word – partner, working together for the success of all. Let’s talk about YOUR interests and goals, and see if we can craft ongoing strategies and materials to meet your needs.

Let’s Start Working Together!

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