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Navigating Today's Storms for Marketing Success

I produce powerful marketing and communications materials for innovative groups and companies looking to reach consumers and other entities with their message during these groundbreaking times. Let's take on the challenge to teach and tell YOUR story!


Hi, I'm Scott - is this what your business or organization needs right now?

Times are wild and uncertain. Rather than search around for different outlets who "specialize" in one niche or another, why not deal with ONE that satisfies all needs?

  • Effective copywriting using conversational language that anyone can understand...

  • ...while utilizing more formal language for higher end material

  • Experienced video presenting and producing, from commercials to video sales letters (VSL) to online teaching

  • Thought provoking blogging, emailing and podcasting to spread your message across all spectra


With four decades in journalism and interviewing combined with 20+ years in sales and also teaching work with educators, I have skills and insights to make your job easier and effective.

And yes, that's me in the image above, an experienced speaker for any group. It's true - everybody counts...but especially YOU!

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